Enhanced F

The Caracal Enhanced F is a striker fired semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum and manufactured in the U.S.A.

The Enhanced F features a redundant safety system consisting of an integrated trigger safety, firing pin safety and a drop safety.

The ergonomically designed contoured polymer frame, with its intuitive grip angle, incorporates a rail interface system for mounting lights, lasers and other shooting accessories. With an 18mm (0.71”) distance from the center axis of the barrel to the apex of the tang, the low slide profile puts the recoil axis close to the shooter's hand, which greatly reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil. The trigger shoe, trigger safety and trigger bar have all been designed in conjunction with a one-piece multi-function unit to provide an exceptionally smooth and crisp trigger press. This low bore axis principle, with the intuitive grip angle, the low-profile slide and proprietary trigger system make the Enhanced F an extremely comfortable and intuitive pistol for shooters of all skill levels.

The one-piece multi-function unit (MFU) incorporates the full length (4.25”) steel slide guide, which greatly increases rigidity and durability, and diminishes felt recoil by reducing torsion and flexing of the grip frame during firing. The MFU sub-assembly, which bears all internals, provides for ease of manufacturing and assembly, as well as disassembly for routine cleaning and armorer level service.

The Enhanced F provides a fully supported chamber in a 4” cold hammer forged barrel with a right-hand twist.

Sight configurations on the Enhanced F consist of a standard 3 dot steel, full-length (6.5”) sight system with both front and rear sights are now dovetail mounted, and the slides will be compatible with many aftermarket sight products.

The Enhanced F also marks the return of the Quick-Sight system, which features a rear sight that is machined into the slide and located just in front of the ejection port. The Quick-Sight system places both the front and rear sights on a single focal plane allowing the shooter to acquire a clear sight picture on a target extremely fast. While reduced sight radius increases the need for proper sight alignment at extended distances, the pistol maintains its inherent accuracy standards and is more than capable of accurate fire out to 50 meters.

The metal parts of the Enhanced F receive a QPQ salt bath nitriding process, which results in a very durable surface that also protects well against rust and other forms of wear.

All parts are produced and tested under exacting tolerances to ensure interchangeability for Military and Law Enforcement applications.

The Enhanced F is supplied with two 18-round or 10-round magazines in accordance with compliance regulations. Also included are a cleaning kit, cable lock and a user manual packed in a plastic carry case. MSRP for the Enhanced F is $599.00 and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which covers all material and workmanship defects for the life of the product under the ownership of the original end user.

For dealer inquiries, please email sales@caracalusa.com.

Enhanced F

Slide Length 7" (178mm)
Barrel Length 4" (104mm)
Height 5-5/16" (135mm)
Width 1-3/32" (28mm)
Weight 1 lbs. 12 oz. (790g)
Caliber 9 x 19mm NATO
Magazine Capacaity 10 / 18
Grip Frame Polymer
Trigger System Short Double Action
Trigger Pull (constant) ~4lbs.14oz. (~2.2 kg)
Trigger Travel (Constant) ~5/16” (~8 mm)
Internal Safety (drop and firing pin) 2
Loaded Chamber Indicator 1
Magazine Catch Ambidextrous

Enhanced F

Enhanced F